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Bull takes down streaker at Running of the Bulls (video)

There are plenty of normal activities that suddenly become a lot more dangerous when you do them naked, such as cooking, ironing, and carpentry.

But what happens when you combine an already-dangerous activity like running around with bulls with nudity? Well, just watch the genius above.

The best thing about streaking and getting taken down by a bull is that your ability to reproduce is lost…

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Bullfighter gored in the groin (video)

Yup, my groin is cringing in horror, how about yours?

Down in Mexico, bullfighter Jose Tomas messed with the bull and got the horns. Four inches deep into his groin, to be exact. He’s expected to live, despite undergoing surgery…

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Video: Soccer In A Bullring

What do you get when you combine some American douchebags on vacation in Cancun, soccer, and a bull?

This, apparently.

“Oh my God, this is awesome!”

No, bro, it’s just a bunch of idiots with bicycle helmets on, running around in a bullring while being chased by a small cow.…

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Video: Being a bullfighter takes balls… literally

Fellow men, the video above is not easy to watch. From far away, it may look like the bullfighter in the video was just pushed to the ground and got up without much harm done.

But Fernando Cruz was not so lucky. I’ll let the surgeons describe his injuries:

Fernando Cruz is suffering from two horn wounds of 25 centimetres in length each. One involves the fibres of the…

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