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High School Football Team Has Game-Winning Field Goal Blocked, Scores Touchdown To Win Anyway: Video

The play is not over until the whistle sounds.

The game is not over until you tackle the guy with the ball on the last play.

Remember that – because in Michigan the Plymouth High School football team did not.

Plymouth visited Westland John Glenn for their homecoming game and appeared…

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High School Football Fan Attacks Referee With Chair: Video

Down in Alabama, Hackleburg High School defeated Lynn High School, but not without some controversy. There was a disputed call during the game. It doesn’t matter what the call was, or who was wrong or right because really, it’s just a high school football game, and there are more important things in life, so…

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Kid Gets Hit In The Head With Field Goal: Video

One of my favorite YouTube videos is of a buzzer beater attempt at a school basketball game that nails a kid in the head. This video of a high school football game field goal attempt is very similar and just as entertaining…

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High School Football Game Moved Due to Toothpicks

A Michigan high school football team was forced to move a big game due to an unlikely culprit: toothpicks.