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Tennessee fans riot after Lane Kiffin bolts for USC (video)

I’ll admit, when I first heard that Tennessee fans were rioting and causing mayhem after Lane Kiffin announced he was leaving for USC, I figured the reports of the size of the crowd were exaggerated. But unless the video above is from the 2010 Knoxville Night-time Marathon, there were a ton of people who…

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Was Bernie Kosar drunk when his interview for “The U” – 30 for 30 was filmed?

Since I actually left the house on a Saturday night, I didn’t see “The U” on ESPN tonight. The latest installment of the network’s “30 for 30″ series covered the Miami Hurricanes. Bernie Kosar’s interview clips were apparently quite interesting.

Twitter is all abuzz about the condition of Bernie Kosar. The…

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Tim Tebow Crying: Video

Poor Tim Tebow. Four years of college football, and what will a lot of us remember him for the most? Crying after losing to Alabama in the SEC Championship today.

And stroking an invisible beard too. Not sure what that was about.

Don’t worry though, Tim. CBS and the rest of the…

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Nebraska coach gets hit in the groin with a football: Video

Coaches get angry with referees frequently, but this unnamed Nebraska coach had a very legitimate reason to be upset with one of the officials at this past weekend’s Nebraska/Kansas game.

Watch as the referee moves down the sideline signaling an incomplete pass. The ball goes right past his moving screen and into the…

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Miami’s Jordan Futch Destroys Georgia Tech’s Steven Sylvester With A Block: Video

With more and more hits being banned in football, it’s surprising that hits like this one are still allowed in college, but we’ll enjoy them while we can.

Georgia Tech’s Steven Sylvester might disagree though. He was closing in on Miami’s punt returner during their loss to the…

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