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Formula 2 Driver Henry Surtees Killed In Freak Crash At Brands Hatch: Video


Formula 2 driver Henry Surtees was killed on Sunday in a crash at Brands Hatch in England. While there have been many incidents where drivers have been killed during a race, this one is particularly shocking.

The car driven by Jack Clarke lost control in a turn and hit a wall. A tire came loose from his…

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Bernie Ecclestone Really Needs To Stop Talking

bernie-ecclestoneBernie Ecclestone started a controversy over the weekend by making some ill-advised comments about Adolf Hitler and his ability to “get things done.”

Ecclestone apologized for his statements, but that hasn’t stopped him from opening his mouth again and inserting his foot even deeper.

After being told that the World Jewish Congress had called for his resignation, Ecclestone…

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Will F1 Some Day Use Remote Controls Instead Of Drivers?

Who needs real drivers when people can control Formula One cars with cellphones?

A new viral advertising campaign from Vodafone that features Lewis Hamilton features a couple of British Formula One fans building a model F1 car that can be controlled with a cellphone.

The fans then go to McLaren, who…

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Bruno Senna Hits Dog During GP2 Race

On my way home last night, I saw two coyotes dart out in front of a car.  The car slowed down, and the coyotes went on their way. One of their distant canine relatives was not quite as lucky during this weekend’s GP2 race in Istanbul, Turkey.

Watch as driver Bruno Senna (nephew…

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Hoping Lightning Strikes Twice, 4-year-old Signs Driving Contract at Go Kart Track Where F1 Driver Started Out

Lewis Hamiton is taking the F1 world by storm this season. In a couple of decades, perhaps Ben Kasperczak will do the same.

The 4-year-old races go karts on the same track where Hamilton got his start, and he has been signed to a 4 year racing contract where he will be provided go karts and training.

He can’t even ride a bike…

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