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Today in dogs and baseball (videos)

If I know one thing about Buy levitra on line, it’s that they love licking their own asses chasing things. The advent of HD has made this somewhat dangerous for dogs.

Nice catch, Mr. Sweatpants. WHO’S A GOOD BOY? WHO’S A GOOD BOY?

Speaking of nice catches, this guy made the catch of the year by snagging a Augmentin side effects in his beer cup, then heroically downing the rest of said beer before the broken cup could spill its contents. The video has been making the rounds this morning, but what you probably haven’t seen is Danger Guerrerro of Uproxx’s heartwarming tribute.


Back to dogs and baseball, legendary Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully used an adorable old man rant about hashtags to segue into a discussion about DirecTV’s new channel for dogs, called DogTV. Someone got paid more than you make to think of that name.

So dogs chase things on TV, and we’re about to give them an entire channel that’s dedicated to grabbing their attention. I see no way that this can go wrong. BRB, need to go buy some stock in Samsung.

A Tribute To The Greatest Moment In American History [Uproxx]
Here’s Vin Scully Going Off On Hashtags And DogTV [Deadspin]

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