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A Quite Interesting welcome to the 2012 Olympics from the British [video]

The 2012 Summer Olympics will officially open on Friday night, as millions of people around the world tune in for the Opening Ceremonies, mostly to mock whatever the British have decided to use to showcase their country. Dancing fish and chips! An ode to drizzle! Athletes being drowned in tea! A salute to haphazard post-colonial border determination! The anticipation is overwhelming.

Of course, given his visit this week, it’s possible the Olympic Opening Ceremonies will only feature Mitt Romney being slowly drawn and quartered as Yakety Sax plays for 3 hours while athletes from every nation awkwardly wander past, some sporting berets. It takes diplomatic prowess to make David Cameron and Boris Johnson look like sympathetic figures, but the United States has won yet another gold medal in that competition.

In celebration of the Games, we here at Sports Rubbish present to you some clips about the Olympics from the British comedy panel quiz show, QI, hosted by the esteemed Stephen Fry. It’s the least we can do. Seriously, I could not have possibly done less. But it’s been a while since I’ve posted, and I felt like such a momentous occasion could not pass by ignored. Enjoy!

If you haven’t decided by this point to just watch episodes of QI on YouTube instead of the Opening Ceremonies, I look down upon you.

Bonus Jimmy Carr, just because:

And the final word, from David Mitchell:

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