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Golfer hits hole-in-one, wins weight in the best ham on Earth (photo)

You should have assumed the photo was going to be of the ham, who wants to look at a golfer?

Scotland’s Elliot Saltman may have missed the cut at this weekend’s Madrid Masters, but his parting gift is so much more magnificent.

On Friday, Saltman hit a hole-in-one on the 204-yard third hole, earning himself his weight in ham. But not just any ham. Cured Spanish ham. Elliot Saltman is going home with 240 pounds of jamón ibérico, which is one of the most heavenly pork products on Earth.

“This is going to last me until next Christmas, never mind this one,” Saltman told Reuters. “I’ve been trying to lose some weight but I’m glad now I’ve not lost that much.”

I went to Spain in February, and I’ll tell you that jamón ibérico is truly one of the finest foods on the planet. Prosciutto is great, and bacon is bacon, but I would not only pick jamón ibérico first, I would pick it second and third as well.

And yes, I just wrote a long essay about various, glorious pig parts on Yom Kippur. You can guess how observant of a Jew I am.

Saltman brings home the bacon in Madrid [Reuters]

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