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Olympic gymnast Paul Hamm charged with drunkenly assaulting cab driver (video)

Remember Paul Hamm? That gymnast you were subjected to watching while you hoped NBC would show some other sport during the 2004 Olympics? Hamm is currently serving as a gymnastics coach at Ohio State, and he’s been charged with trying to start a new sport: Assaulting a taxi driver and refusing to pay for his ride.

According to Columbus police:

After an argument, Hamm damaged a window of the cab, punched and kicked [the driver].

The driver called police and when they arrived, police said they struggled to get Hamm under control.

In video released by police, Hamm is heard talking with a police officer.

“All the sudden looking at my wallet and I’m looking at a situation, I don’t have my ID,” Hamm said.

The officer then replied, “That’s cause I have it man. You gave it to me less than 5 minutes ago.”

When the officer asked Hamm how many drinks he had consumed, Hamm said he had “probably 8 drinks.”

During the arrest, an officer on the scene used his police radio to call for assistance. The officers tried to gain control of Hamm. Hamm is heard on the video saying, “You guys are so funny. You guys have no idea. I’m going to kill you guys.”

In a world where at least a couple of pro athletes are nabbed for drunk driving every week, it’s great that Hamm knew enough to call a cab. But if drunk celebrities are going to keep attacking Ohio’s transportation operators, eventually we’ll hear about a sloshed Betty White stabbing a blimp pilot.

Former Olympian, Current Ohio State Asst. Gymnastics Coach Arrested After Assault [10TV]

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