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Tennis player Bojana Jovanovski goes to wrong Carlsbad for tennis tournament

Quick quiz: What state is Carlsbad in?

Some of you who are familiar with Carlsbad Caverns might say “New Mexico”, while Lego aficionados might say “California”. The correct answer, of course is “all of the above”, which is a fact Serbian tennis player Bojana Jovanovski and her travel agent are now aware of.

Following a tennis tournament in Washington, DC, Jovanovski flew to Dallas, then to Albuquerque, then to Carlsbad. Carlsbad, New Mexico, which was a problem, since her next tournament was in Carlsbad, California.

It took a while for Jovanovski to realize her mistake upon arriving in New Mexico.

From the LA Times:

“One man asked me at the airport …’What are you doing here? Are you playing tennis?’ ” Jovanovski said. “I said, “Yeah, it’s a tennis tournament.’ And he said, ‘Here?’ ”

When Jovanovski had trouble locating her cab, she finally got confirmation that she was in the wrong state.

“I was waiting for 15 minutes and nobody comes,” she said. “And I call again, and they say they are at the airport and they are looking for you. I said I am the only person here, how can you not see me?

“At that moment, the girl asked me on the telephone, are you in Carlsbad in California or in New Mexico?”

Jovanovski eventually made it to the correct state, arriving just 30 minutes before her match. She somehow managed to take the first set against Roberta Vinci despite having slept in an airport the night before, with the match finishing 3-6, 6-4, 6-1.

She will have plenty of extra frequent flyer miles, which she can use to get to next year’s French Open in Paris, Texas.

Bojana Jovanovski has a bad travel day and opening match [LA Times]

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