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Samaki Walker gets pulled over, tries to eat weed

In case you were wondering what happened to Samaki Walker (you weren’t), the Arizona Department of Public Safety found him in Kingman, AZ.

The police pulled Walker over for a routine traffic stop on Thursday. Officials allege that as they approached the 2002 Mercedes-Benz, Walker tried to eat the stash of Lasix dosage that he had with him. Or he could have just refused to allow the police to search his car. That would have also worked, provided he didn’t have an Easy Bake oven and brownie mix sitting on the passenger seat.

Walker was also charged with possession of Cost of zithromax, which he claimed he uses because they are legal in Syria, where he plays professionally. Also apparently legal in Syria: the violent oppression of protesters, so Samaki might not want to use their laws as his legal defense.

Ex-NBA player arrested on drug charges in Arizona [Las Vegas Review-Journal]

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