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Canadian skier suffers road rash to his buttocks after getting dragged by party bus

Canadian Olympic skier and World Cup champion Manuel Osborne-Paradis is set to star in the sequel to Terrance and Phillip’s “Asses of Fire”, “Asses of Fire 2: Party Bus Boogaloo”, following a successful audition during the recent Calgary Stampede.

From the Vancouver Sun:

Osborne-Paradis, 27, is recovering in hospital from “severe road rash to his buttocks” after he climbed onboard a moving party bus along a major thoroughfare in Calgary, lost his balance and fell on the trailer hitch.

He was dragged about 80 metres before the bus stopped.

No part of that sounds pleasant. But hey, if you’re going to get dragged across the pavement for 80 yards on your ass, you might as well do it in a country that has universal health care.

To add insult to ass injury, Osborne-Paradis’ sponsors, including Harbour Air Seaplanes, are now reviewing their deals with the skier.

Rather than making a rash decision and dropping him, I would instead suggest that they make Manuel the centerpiece of a new campaign. “Bus travel has you worn down? Go by seaplane instead!”

B.C. airline to review sponsorship of local skier following Stampede antics [The Vancouver Sun]

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