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Bench-clearing brawl between the Spokane Indians and Vancouver Canadians (video)

There aren’t many details regarding today’s bench-clearing brawl between the Spokane Indians and Vancouver Canadians, but it looks like it was all kicked off by a scrappy young fellow with a Napoleon complex named Rougned Odor. Procter and Gamble, get on that.

There’s also a lot of yelling in the video, since this was clearly the most exciting to ever happen in Spokane on a Monday afternoon. Four players were ejected, including Odor.

Fun fact: While the Vancouver Canadians are logically a minor league affiliate of the Toronto Blue Jays, the Spokane Indians are affiliated with the Texas Rangers and not the Cleveland Indians, like one might guess. Spokane’s racism is therefore completely independent.

Video: Spokane Indians vs Vancouver Canadians Brawl [Sox and Dawgs]
Raw video: Brawl at Spokane Indians’ game [KREM]

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