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Move over Tour de France, it’s the Tour de Pigeon

If you’re looking for a sport to watch this month, but feel that the Tour de France is just too mainstream, France’s pigeon racers hope you will give their sport a look.

The French pigeon fanciers’ association, which I believe is what anti-gay marriage protesters have been warning us about, is in the middle of running a pigeon-version of the Tour de France.

From Reuters:

“With this Tour de France, first and foremost we want people to get to know our sport,” said Jose de Sousa, president of the French pigeon fanciers’ federation, which boasts 800 clubs and 14,500 members. “In the future, we plan to contact the organisers of the Tour de France to set up departures at the same time,” Sousa said.

Releasing a ton of birds at the same time as cyclists sounds in no way like a bad idea. It’s not as if cyclists have any trouble avoiding animals.

Plus, ff I wanted to watch a sporting event where the competitors crapped all over the place, I would watch a Royals game.

Pigeons race for Tour de France top spot [Reuters]

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