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England U-21 team practices kicking balls into the faces of their teammates (Video)

Fabrice Muamba has fantastic aim, provided that he was intending to do that to poor Jason Steele during training with England’s U-21 team for the European Championships.

Keep in mind that this isn’t some fan or member of the media who posted a slow-motion video replay of an English player getting nailed in the face with the ball on YouTube; it’s an official video from the FA, who have decided to embarrass their players rather than advancing in the tournament.

If the England U-21 team had spent more time kicking balls into nets rather than into the faces of their teammates, perhaps they would not have been bounced from Euro 2011 2-1 by the Czech Republic. Well done lads, indeed.

England U-21 perfects shot off the post and into teammate’s face [Dirty Tackle]

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