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Mike Rockenfeller crashes at 2011 Le Mans 24 Hours (Video)

What a day for Audi. Two of their cars have been involved in horrific crashes at the Le Mans 24 Hours.

Earlier today, Allan McNish & several spectators escaped injury after his car launched through a gravel pit into a fence.

Then, as darkness fell around the track, driver Mike Rockenfeller was bumped by a slower Ferrari and turned nose-first into a fence. After a tense few minutes, it was revealed that Rockenfeller left the car on his own, and appears to have escaped serious injury. He has been taken to a local hospital for further evaluation, but reports have been very optimistic thus far.

In both accidents, the cars broke apart to disperse the energy, just like they are supposed to. It makes for shocking video, but it’s a testament to Audi engineering that they were able to keep both drivers safe despite some sketchy-looking barriers at Le Mans.

Time to go run out and buy an Audi. Or more accurately, have someone buy me an Audi. Anyone feeling generous today?

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  • Eric Hamme

    Amazing that both McNish and (we think) Rockenfeller are OK. No idea what the driver of that Ferrari was thinking there. The remaining Audi is in the lead, so hopefully they can hold on for the next 15 and a half hours and win.

    Part of the problem is that I’m pretty sure the Le Mans course is run partially on public roads, and thus all that’s there is guard rail/armco barriers. It sure doesn’t seem very safe in hindsight, if not beforehand.