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French journalist drops f-bomb live on ESPN with Bob Ley (video)

The French Cialis soft vs cialis team has continued its slow implosion at the World Cup in South Africa, providing hours of entertainment from both the team itself and the journalists who are trying to cover the big story.

Following coach Raymond Domenech’s dismissal of Nicolas Anelka from France’s squad, things have only gotten worse. His French teammates have shown an unsurprising lack of respect for Domenech, refusing to practice as they head toward their final group match against the host nation.

ESPN just aired an interview with Erik Bielderman of L’Equipe. Bielderman might not quite have a grasp on what one is allowed to say on live television in the United States, as he provided a direct, uncensored quote of what Anelka had said to Domenech to earn his dismissal from the team.

Bielderman said live on air, “Go to f— yourself, you son of a bitch.”

Bob Ley covered well for the swearing, apologizing for the frankness, while thanking him for being direct in the quotation.

Meanwhile, all of Ireland must be uttering those same words thanks to the French squandering this World Cup opportunity that they were lucky to even have in the first place.

Video HT: The Big Lead

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