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Boxer brothers arrested after fighting each other

Travis and Tarvis Simms are twin brothers who do everything together. Both got into boxing. And both allegedly beat each other up over the weekend after getting into a fight.

As if the punching each other wasn’t bad enough, a gun and a knife were involved, and Travis’ 10-year-old daughter was somehow bitten on the arm.

The most amusing part of the article is that it includes both fighters’ records. Travis was 26-1, with 19 knockouts, while his twin Tarvis was 24-0-1. Sadly, no further tale of the tape was included, and it is not known if this fight was included in their stats.

The 2nd most amusing part? Travis is also a city councilman. He was arrested and charged with reckless endangerment, threatening, and third-degree Zanaflex high, while his brother was charged with risk of injury to a minor, threatening, and third-degree assault.

Getting into a fight with your twin must be strange. Hopefully one of them said, “Why are you hitting yourself? Why are you hitting yourself?” during the brawl.

Boxers Travis and Tarvis Simms arrested in Conn [MSNBC]

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