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Oprah thinks Drew Brees’ birthmark is lipstick, tries to rub it off (video)

Drew Brees! You’ve just won the Super Bowl! Where are you going to go?

I’m going to go on the Oprah Winfrey show and have her awkwardly rub at my face!

Drew Brees’ birthmark on his face is widely known in the sports world. By this point, most bloggers have moved on from remarking on it. But not Oprah.

When Brees appeared on her show, the esteemed host thought his birthmark was lipstick and tried to rub it off. She quickly moved on once she realized that no amount of rubbing was going to remove it from his face.

Great job, Oprah. Perhaps a little bit more guest prep might be in order next time? Or you know, you could always not touch their faces. That works too.

Video: Oprah Tries To Clean Birthmark Off Drew Brees [Fanhouse]

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