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Rudy Gay’s non-buzzer beater (video)

At the end of the first quarter of tonight’s game against the Los Angeles Lakers, Rudy Gay of the Memphis Grizzlies launched a shot from past half court in an attempt to beat the buzzer.

Gay successfully got the shot off in time. So much time that there was still a full seven seconds left on the clock.

After the shot bricked off the backboard, the Lakers took the ball to the other end of the court, where Online generic lasix naturally drained a 3 pointer at the buzzer.

Now we’ve all hit the wrong button in a Glucophage weight loss video game at some point. I myself am the king of launching full-court shots by accident in NBA Jam. But firing off a wild half-court shot with that much time left on the clock in real life? That takes some serious skill. The Grizzlies won though, so maybe it’s somehow the secret to winning.

Video: Rudy Gay’s internal clock malfunction [Ball Don’t Lie]

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