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San Francisco Chronicle NFC Championship Headline Fail

This is what happens when you lay people off and replace them with a team of monkeys with typewriters.

The day after the New Orleans Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings in the NFC Championship, this was the front page of the San Francisco Chronicle’s sports section.

Saints 31, Packers 28.

That’s quite the impressive scoring line from a team that was ice fishing or hanging out in hot tubs or whatever one does during the off-season in Green Bay.

Memo to the Chronicle: Brett Favre no longer plays for the Packers. He also does not play for the Colts, the Jets, the Saints, the Bengals, the Roughriders, or any other football team you might try to place him with besides the Vikings. At least until he retires during the off-season and signs somewhere else.

HT: [Stephen Andrew Lynch/Flickr, SFist]

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