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Jose Offerman punches umpire (video)

Attack someone on the Augmentin side effects field once and people might be able to pass it off as a fluke. Do it again, and everyone will peg you as a crazy bastard that should never be allowed near baseball (or other human beings) again.

Jose Offerman, who once charged the mound with a bat after getting hit by a pitch, showed some stellar anger management over the weekend when he calmly escalated a routine argument by attempting to punch the umpire.

Offerman is currently managing the Licey Tigers of the Dominican Republic’s Itchy Mascot League.

Video of Jose Offerman punching the umpire below:

The punch barely connected, but the ump still got knocked to the ground. To be fair though, that umpire’s uniform does make him look very punchable.

Jose Offerman Lives The Dream, Price of zanaflex in canada Ump [Deadspin]
Former all-star Jose Offerman detained after punching umpire in Dominican [AP]

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