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Mozambique Goalkeeper Faceplant Fail – Africa Cup of Nations 2010 (video)

Come for the soccer, stay for the preschool-level gymnastics!

The Africa Cup of Nations is underway, and based on this video of the Mozambique goalie flipping face first over the ball rather than securing it, it appears to be the only major soccer tournament to take place using a ball filled with lead.

Somehow the goalkeeper managed to dive back to the ball after missing it, but the teammate who met him there surely wanted to kick the guy’s face in for flailing about the place like that. There must be better ways to showboat and show your general lack of respect for gravity.

And for your enjoyment, another angle:

Soccer goalie faceplants as he picks up simple kick [Bare Knucks]
Soccer goalie flips over for no reason [With Leather]

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