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Tennessee fans riot after Lane Kiffin bolts for USC (video)

I’ll admit, when I first heard that Tennessee fans were rioting and causing mayhem after Lane Kiffin announced he was leaving for USC, I figured the reports of the size of the crowd were exaggerated. But unless the video above is from the 2010 Knoxville Night-time Marathon, there were a ton of people who turned out to run Kiffin out of town (or to keep him from leaving, I’m not sure which).

With Lane Kiffin’s address being posted online, and reports such as this one from Renaldo Woolridge of tear gas being used on fans, this will certainly only be the first video to come out of Tennessee. Once others are posted, they’ll be added below.

(Thanks to the always on-top-of-things Fang’s Bites for posting the video link)

Below is a video of Tennessee fans setting mattresses on fire at the Lane Kiffin riot

Below: More Tennessee fans running and shouting

Below: An angry Tennessee fan urinates on a t-shirt featuring Lane Kiffin, then sets fire to it along with some other photos (video NSFW for language and pissing). Urinating on representations of a coach: classy. Doing so right next to a little girl’s bicycle: even classier.

Below: Students chanting and breaking some piece of metal artwork

Below: The best video yet, even though it’s sideways. Fans circle around Kiffin gear and chant while attacking it. At 2:10, the crowd begins to move, passing what appears to be a burned mattress.

Below: Another angle of students attacking the sculpture. Be angry at Lane Kiffin all you want, but stop destroying your campus, no matter how ugly that thing might be.

Below: Tennessee fans gather outside the stadium

Below: More fans chanting outside the stadium

Below: Fans run to Neyland Stadium. Note their proper crosswalk usage.

Below: Fans sign “Rocky Top” while starting fires (I burn myself with a rag on a stick?) – via Deadspin

Below: Fans painted The Rock on the Tennessee campus (NSFW visuals). Oh, and Orange man!

Below: Fresh-faced youngsters try to break into the stadium and get stopped by police

Below: UTK fans set a mattress on fire, one holds a “We Hate L. Kiffin” sign

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