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New York Jets pep rally features pantsless radio guy in Speedo (video)

A few weeks back, WFAN’s Craig Carton made the mistake of saying the Jets wouldn’t make the playoffs. And honestly, who wouldn’t have made that same error? Nobody expected that they would be fortunate enough to have their last two opponents go on vacation to end the regular season.

Carton’s claim wasn’t that bad, but he was so confident in his prediction that he said he would walk across the Brooklyn Bridge in a Speedo if the Jets made the playoffs. Mistake.

But followed by a band, overconfident Jets fans, and girls in bikinis, Carton made good on his promise. It looks like it was very cold in New York.

Between this and Rex Ryan telling the Jets when the Super Bowl parade is going to be, it will be all that more amusing watching the Jets get rolled by the Bengals later today.

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