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Landon Donovan Mexican lottery commercial (video)

I always thought Landon Donovan was hated with a vengeance south of the border, but apparently he is liked well enough that he was hired to appear in this Mexican lottery ad.

The commercial is for Ganagol, a game in which players pick the winners of soccer matches. Donovan, dressed up in the most stereotypical Mexican costume ever, attempts to sneak over the border to play the lottery, with less than successful results.

A translation of the video can be found below (thanks to purojogo at Big Soccer):

Crossing guard: “Stop right there!”
LD: “I am Mexican!” (pronounced erroneously)
Crossing guard: “Clearly not, you are..Landon Donovan”
LD: “Oh” (no Emmy or Oscars coming anytime soon LD )
Crossing guard: “What are you doing on this side?” (of the border)
LD: “It’s just that… winning in Mexico is easier”
Crossing guard: (angry voice) WHAT??!?
LD: No, no I am talking about Ganagol…
Crossing guard: Ganagol?
LD: Ganagol the new quiniela* where it’s easier to win because they are only twelve matches
Crossing guard : So it will be easier for ME, NOT for you, so go home, orale**, let’s go!
LD: Lero***….
Announcer: New “quiniela ganagol” from Televisa Deportes/Sports

*quiniela is like a sports lottery (choose home team to win/away team to win/or draw … as LD said in this case from 12 matches….)
** orale would be like “come on!”
*** lero : if one adds “cu” to the beginning of this word, it becomes an insult, akin to a#%hole….. heard in Mexican stadia/from Mexican fans as well if my ears do not deceive me… LD must be familiar with it…..

Perhaps such games will be legal in the United States someday. Until then, Pete Rose will sit by the phone hoping Mexico creates a similar lottery for baseball.

HT: @JonahKeri

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