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London 2012 Olympics venues to be built using recycled guns and knives


Each year, England’s police forces manage to gather an impressive pile of metal in the form of guns, knives, and old keys. Most of the weapons are confiscated off of criminals, while other metal comes from spent ammunition at police firing ranges.

Scotland Yard’s 2009 pile contained 52 tons of metal, much of which is being used as part of recycling projects. One of the major projects for the metal is in the construction of the 2012 Olympic site in Stratford, east London. The weapons will be melted down and reused in girders and other steel that is needed for the construction efforts.

Met Police spokeswoman Sarah Foster said: “We’re constantly looking for new ways to recycle and new markets for our recyclable materials, to conserve resources, save energy and money. As well as working together to make London safer, our staff and officers are playing their part in making London’s environment greener.”

Olympic venues made out of guns? Looks like Gilbert Arenas is going to be making a strong bid to be included on the 2012 Dream Team roster.

2012 Olympic buildings to be made from recycled guns, bullets and knives [Metro]
Met recycling guns for 2012 site [BBC]

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