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Iranian soccer official loses job thanks to New Year’s e-mail to Israel

israel-iran-flagsEvery office has one idiot who sends out e-mails to huge mailing lists without checking to see if all of the recipients actually need to be receiving that e-mail.

In Iran, that guy is Mohammad-Mansour Azimzadeh Ardebili, director of the Iranian soccer league’s foreign relations office. Ardebili’s office sent out a New Year’s greeting to every country that belongs to FIFA, which sounds like a nice gesture. Unfortunately for Ardebili, Iran does not recognize the existence of Israel, one of the recipients of the e-mail. Oy vey!

Unlike Ardebili’s New Year’s greetings to Narnia, Atlantis, and Middle Earth, the e-mail to Israel presumably did not bounce back as an invalid address, which must have been quite the surprise.

“It was a big mistake sending an e-mail to Israel’s football federation,” Ali Kaffashian, president of the Iran Football Federation, said in a statement carried by the semi-official Mehrs News Agency. “However, I am sure the director of the foreign relations office didn’t do it on purpose.”

That didn’t keep Ardebili from resigning. One errant e-mail, and there goes your job. If only it was that easy to get rid off mass e-mailers in this country.

Iran soccer chief apologizes for Israel greeting [CNN]

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