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Edwin Encarnacion starts off the New Year by getting shot in the face by fireworks

Edwin Encarnacion of the Toronto Blue Jays couldn’t hit an airplane hangar with a semi-truck last season, but he kicked off 2010 by making solid contact. Too bad for him it was his face making contact with fireworks that had been shot off by his brother.

The Encarnacion family was ringing in the New Year in the Dominican Republic, when Edwin’s brother fired a firecracker that veered to the side instead of up into the air, nailing Edwin in the face.

The explosive hit the infielder in the jaw and exploded near his mouth. Encarnacion sustained burns, but avoided any serious injury.

“Thank God everything is OK with my face. I don’t have any fractures or serious injuries and I won’t need any kind of surgery,” Encarnacion told

“The doctors say that I’ll have to spend one week out of the sun, but that I’ll be able to work out without any problems in two weeks,” Encarnacion said.

Well, no problems aside from his crappy hitting.

This isn’t Edwin Encarnacion in the video below, but it might as well be.

Firework explodes near infielder’s face [ESPN]
Fireworks Explode in Edwin Encarnacion’s Face [The Big Lead]

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  • crazycantoncuts

    he got lucky

  • crazycantoncuts

    he got lucky