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Dirk Nowitzki’s elbow 5, Carl Landry’s teeth 1: Video

Initially, last night’s collision between Carl Landry and Dirk Nowitzki looked pretty normal, at least until both players immediately signaled for trainers.

Landry had unintentionally gone arm zombie on Dirk, getting a few teeth knocked out in the process, only to have those teeth get embedded in Nowitzki’s arm.

While Nowitzki was in pain on the ground with teeth in his elbow, Landry simply walked to the bench for help as if all he had was a small cut. Instead, he had a mouth injury that required an ER trip. As for Dirk, it took 30 minutes to have Landry’s teeth removed from his arm. That sucks, but not as much as losing teeth.

All of this is an important lesson to Carl Landry. If you’re going to end up accidentally biting someone, make sure it’s not a wiry guy. Go for someone like Glen Davis instead. That meat just falls right off the bone.

Video: Carl Landry’s Teeth End Up in Dirk Nowitzki’s Arm [Fanhouse]

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