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Raiders fans put up billboard asking Al Davis to hire a GM


Disgruntled Buy meldonium fans have had enough. One group has purchased a billboard near their stadium, asking the corpse of owner Al Davis to hire someone else to be GM.

The leader of the fan group, Jared Staszewski of Erie, Pennsylvania, said in a press release, “We thought a billboard, posted near the stadium might generate some awareness, create a dialogue among the ‘Raider Faithful’ and perhaps make a difference.” He has started a web site at The site features a petition and ways to contribute to the billboard campaign.

While they’re at it, they should also buy billboards asking for a coach who doesn’t punch people. And a quarterback who doesn’t massively suck. And a stadium that doesn’t look like it’s going to collapse. And fans who don’t stab people.

Oakland Raiders fan group’s I-880 billboard asks Al Davis to hire a GM [Inside the Bay Area]
Sign of the times [SF Gate]

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