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Gambler claims 13 NBA referees are part of betting scandal


Here we go again.

According to a 7Sports source, Jimmy “The Sheep” Battista, the gambler who pled guilty to conspiracy to transmit wagering information to disgraced former NBA ref Tim Donaghy, is claiming that thirteen NBA referees have also been involved in the betting scandal.

Battista apparently has phone records to prove his contact with these referees, though so far the only information on this is through an unnamed source.

Since professional gamblers are always to be trusted, we can take this to the bank. Did I mention that Battista is trying to secure a tell-all book deal? That seems like it might be important.

Is Donaghy just a “rogue, isolated criminal” like David Stern claimed? Or is Battista telling the truth and not just trying to get money for a book?

If he indeed has those phone records, that’s going to be hugely damaging for the league and will give them no choice but to investigate further, or else risk the government getting involved. While records would not prove what was said on any calls, why would so many referees be in contact with a gambler?

The questions just keep coming. Sooner or later, David Stern will have to answer.

Source: Gambler claims 13 referees involved in NBA betting scandal [WHDH]

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  • crazycantoncuts

    Happy T-Day :)

  • crazycantoncuts

    Happy T-Day :)

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