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The South African National Anthem, sung terribly: Video

I’ll admit, I have no idea what South Africa’s National Anthem is supposed to sound like, but I know bad singing when I hear it.

South Africa visited France for a Cephalexin side effects match this past weekend and were treated to this abomination of a song.

The players valiantly belted the anthem out on their own, but could not conceal their horror as the singer butchered it.

Following the match South Africa’s John Smit said on Twitter, “Did everyone hear the new remix single of our national anthem by Bob Marley!!! I seriously thought we were being punked!”

Smit wasn’t the only one. The South African blog PharSide said it best:

As many of you may have seen yesterday and witnessed in absolute shock, the South African National Anthem was “sung” by some absolute tone deaf idiot who proved to everyone at the stadium aswell as everyone viewing on TV that he cannot sing to save his life, by constantly going off key and going to his own beat which wasn’t even to the beat of the rest of the music. I can honestly say that even my cat Pringles could have meowed the anthem better through the microphone. It was an absolute disgrace and complete mockery of our anthem and our nation.

You could see the look on the players faces that all that was going through their minds was WTF!

There’s nothing more to add to that, other than to say Pringles is an excellent name for a pet.

South African National Anthem Disgraced! [PharSide]
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