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Kate Hudson refuses to confirm or deny A-Rod centaur rumor: Video

If there were rumors flying about that your boyfriend, Alex Rodriguez, has a painting of himself as a centaur in his bedroom, you’d probably want to deny those rumors to help save some of his dignity, right?

Not Kate Hudson.

When MTV asked her about the painting during an interview, she refused to give an answer.

HUDSON: That is the craziest thing anyone has ever asked me.
MTV GUY: You’re not answering the question.
HUDSON: I would never indulge in something so ridiculous.
MTV GUY: This was in a reputable magazine. …Us Weekly. (laughs)
HUDSON: That’s… No. I don’t “indulge” in those types of stories. As humorous as you might think they are.

And thus, the centaur rumors will persist. The real question is, how will A-Rod’s World Series ring be depicted on the centaur? Will it go on as a bracelet around a hoof? Or will he hold it in his teeth?

KATE HUDSON IS HUMORLESS LIKE HER Accutane for sale [Film Drunk]

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