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Egyptian soccer fans attack bus carrying Algerian team: Video

Algeria has traveled to Egypt for a match on Saturday with a spot in the 2010 World Cup on the line. Tensions were expected to run high during the game, but what happened to the Algerian team on the way to their hotel shows that this will be no normal match.

Egyptian fans armed with bricks bombarded the Algerian bus, shattering windows and injuring several players. Among those hurt were Rafik Saifi, Rafik Halliche, and Khaled Lemmouchia.

With 2 days still left before the match, Egypt is going to have to provide better security to their foes as they travel to training and the stadium. If fans are already willing to injure players as they arrive at their hotel, at what point would they stop themselves?

The two countries don’t get along, but one would be optimistic that soccer would be able to overcome differences, rather than inflaming them. Not that this has ever occurred at any time in soccer history.

One thing is certain though, if Algeria wins the World Cup spot, they are going to have to deal with some very pissed off Egyptians as they make their way home.

Video: Algeria national team bus attacked with rocks by Egypt fans [Off The Post]

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