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Minor league hockey coach goes nuts, throws sticks on the ice: Video

There are few cases where moving from a GM role into a coaching role has worked out. For more evidence, look no further than Brent Sapergia of the Louisiana IceGators. Sapergia temporarily took over coaching duties of the team and ended up being indefinitely banned from coaching after an epic tirade that featured him throwing sticks on the ice.

As Sapergia threw out the entire contents of the bench, the nearby players fixed their gaze straight ahead, lest they make eye contact with their coach and get tossed on to the ice next. All the while they are clearly thinking, “This dude is nuts, and why did I ever agree to play Overnight canadian valtrex for a team in Louisiana?”

Video: Hockey Coach Brent Sapergia Ejected, Empties Bench Of Sticks/Ice Bucket/Tape [Busted Coverage]

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