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Aussie Rules football match ends with axe and spear brawl

axe-fightAn Aussie Rules Football match on Groote Eylandt off the coast of Australia turned violent over the weekend after fans were incensed by what they perceived as a bad call by the referee.

Fans of the Angurugu Crocs and the Angurugu Roos squared off after the referee awarded a free kick to one team, setting off a fight on the field. As the fight became larger, the match was called off. Then things escalated quickly. Some fans responded by running to their cars to get weapons, including axes and spears.

Initial reports said 500 people were involved in the brawl, but police clarified and said this was the attendance at the match. The police seized several weapons from spectators and are working to identify those involved.

It appears that nobody was seriously hurt, and those involved buried the hatchet and shook hands at a community meeting. The referee certainly learned his lesson and will never award anyone a free kick ever again.

Ref call sparks wild axe brawl [NT News]

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