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Bears: The #1 threat to the Olympic torch relay

polar-bear-torch-relayThe torch for the 2010 Winter Olympics is on its long journey to Vancouver, provided the torch-bearers don’t get eaten by a polar bear along the way.

On Sunday, the torch passed through Churchill, Manitoba, home of 923 people and tons of polar bears. So many polar bears, in fact, that the town bills itself as the “Polar Bear Capital of the World.” With this many polar bears, it’s not surprising that one would make its presence known during the relay. The procession had to be stopped momentarily as a bear was blocking the road on the shore of Hudson Bay.

Once the bear passed, the run continued even further north into the Canadian tundra, where runners braved temperatures of -40 degrees Celsius, which translates to Fahrenheit as “really fucking cold.”

Olympic torch crosses Arctic in historic first [Yahoo! Canada]

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