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Soccer player gets kicked in the balls: Video

It’s Monday, and those of you who are fortunate enough to have jobs probably feel like you’ve been kicked in the balls at some point today.

So take a minute from your busy day and enjoy the misfortune of John Hutchinson of Orlistat next day’s Central Coast Mariners. Hutchinson and Carlos Hernandez of the Melbourne Victory both went for the ball, except Hernandez clearly had a different target in mind for his foot.

To add insult to groin-kicking, the announcers then laughed as the replay of Hutchinson getting booted was shown over and over again.

It makes sense that Hutchinson would be rolling on the ground after getting kicked in the nuts, but why was Hernandez acting like he was injured? The only possible explanation: John Hutchinson’s testicles are made out of lead and covered in sharp spikes.

Ouch! Carlos Hernandez (Melbourne Victory) vs John Hutchinson (Central Coast Mariners) [101 Great Goals]

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