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Girls high school soccer brawl in Rhode Island: Video

This weekend’s Rhode Island girls soccer championship game between the Woonsocket Villa Novans and the Tolman Tigers would have made Elizabeth Lambert proud.

With Woonsocket up 5-0 in the final minute, tempers flared. Woonsocket’s Kristen Cahill and Tolman’s Maria Lopera realized they had just one more minute left to try to earn a scholarship to New Mexico, so they started a brawl that eventually drew in other players from both sides. And yes, there was hair-pulling.

To end things, during the postgame awards ceremony, fans from both schools continued the fight in the stands. I just hope it was while they were giving out the award for best sportsmanship.

Brawls break out at girls’ soccer game [WPRI]
Let’s Get Ready To Rumble [Unprofessional Foul]

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