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BYU vs. New Mexico women’s soccer: Cheap shots, violence, fighting, and hair pulling

When I first heard that there had been a fight between the women’s soccer teams from BYU and New Mexico, I assumed that my fellow sports bloggers were just blowing a minor skirmish out of proportion just because they were happy to see a “catfight.” I was wrong. This wasn’t soccer, it was war.

While this game might not have featured a full-on brawl, it did feature repeated violent incidents, with Elizabeth Lambert’s hair-pulling of BYU player Kassidy Shumway serving as the cherry on the sundae of cheap shots. Lambert was a menace on the pitch, engaging in several incidents that would have made Vinnie Jones proud.

Were there even referees at this match? That video shows at least 5 incidents that would have drawn a red card anywhere else. If you’re going to let players start to trip each other and make hard late tackles like that, it’s no wonder that someone’s going to eventually pull a ponytail.

BYU won the match 1-0, and all players miraculously survived.

BYU vs. New Mexico Women’s Mountain West Conference Soccer Tournament Semifinals Catfight [FanIQ]

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