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Malaysian sports officials angered by pregnant athlete’s pull-out

GAMES/Yuan Yufang, competitor in the 20 kilometer walk, pulled out of December’s Southeast Asian Games after her husband did not.

Her pregnancy has angered Malaysian sports authorities, who feel that their country’s medal chances have been blown.

Karim Ibrahim, deputy president of the Malaysian Amateur Athletic Union said, “She should have informed us earlier so that we could prepare another walker to replace her in the Games. Now it is too late to look for a replacement. We will have a council meeting in Ipoh on November 20 to determine what action to take against her. We are disappointed with her as we will lose a sure gold medal in the women’s 20km walk in the biennial Games.”

Guess she shouldn’t be expecting much of a baby shower from MAAU.

How hard can it be though to find someone who can walk? Having not been to Malaysia, I can’t say for sure that it’s not a nation where 99% of the population is in wheelchairs, but I’m thinking these officials could just look out their window and find a perfectly adequate replacement for the competition.

Malaysia irked by pregnant athlete’s pull-out [Reuters]

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  • crazycantoncuts

    guess they want her to drop the bundle around the 18k mark

  • crazycantoncuts

    guess they want her to drop the bundle around the 18k mark

  • rubber bracelets

    But i guest she win this competition she made it, but it’s to hard for the baby.

  • chrisbryon

    i thing she won this competition …..

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