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Popeye Jones gets a DUI, forgets to eat spinach before taking on police


Former NBA player and current Dallas Mavericks assistant coach Popeye Jones got nabbed for a DUI over the weekend, plus received a bonus beatdown by resisting arrest, according to the Richardson (Texas) Keflex price in canada Department.

Police noticed Popeye driving erratically at 9:30pm Sunday night. He failed a field sobriety test, then was arrested after refusing a breath test.

“When the officers went to place the handcuffs on Mr. Jones he did resist by moving his hand forward instead of behind his back. They were forced to take him to the ground to get better control of him and he did sustain some Buying clomid online cheap us to his face,” police spokesman Jonathan Wakefield said.

Somehow, despite suffering pop cheek and pop forehead when he fell, Jones did not suffer from Popeye. So at least he’s got that going for him.

Jones was charged with driving while intoxicated, but will not be charged with resisting arrest. Losing that battle with the ground will serve as punishment enough, as will having that mugshot posted all over the Internet.

Popeye Jones Arrested, Gets Free Makeover From Police [Deadspin]
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