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Vicente Padilla shot by his bodyguard


While Vicente Padilla will be looking for a new team as a free agent this winter, his bodyguard might want to start looking for a new line of work entirely.

Reports are still unclear, but according to translations via Diamond Notes, Padilla was accidentally shot by his bodyguard while at a shooting range in Nicaragua.

Padilla was not seriously hurt and has already left the hospital. And unless there are politicians in Nicaragua who want to make an example of him (and his bodyguard), it’s unlikely that we’ll hear any more of this.

Still, when you’re kicking off free agency, you want potential employers to be talking about your pitching, not about you getting Plaxico’d by the guy who is supposedly protecting you from harm.

Update: Reports are now saying that Padilla shot himself. I’m not sure if that’s better or worse. Is it true, or is he just taking a bullet for his poor bodyguard?

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Padilla accidentally shoots himself in leg []

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