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Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich spent $52,000 on lunch


We all know that Chelsea owner Roman Abramovich is an insanely rich man. The staff at Nello’s in New York City found out just how rich when he and a few friends visited their restaurant for lunch today. The total tab, including tip: Over $52,000.

In one lunch bill, Roman Abramovich dropped what median American makes in almost 2 years.

The group bought several bottles of wine that were $5,000 each. Other items purchased included $36 rigatoni & $15 tiramisu. Oddly, since these are dishes regular folks like us would typically purchase, they are the things that stand out as overpriced.

But hey, it’s his money. And Abramovich did tip very well, adding an additional $5,000 to the $7,328.20 (20%) that was on the bill. Not a bad day at all for the lucky staff who got to take that home. You just know though that there’s some poor guy who called in sick and missed out on that nice payday.

Russian Billionaire Blows $52,000 on Lunch [TMZ]

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