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Ballboy tosses ball just beyond reach of Jens Lehmann: Video

Things are not going well for Stuttgart this season, and it has gotten to the point where they’re even getting beaten by ballboys on the field.

Down 1-0 to Hannover, Jens Lehmann hoped to get a quick restart to the match and ran over to the ballboy to get the ball. The cheeky little bastard didn’t cooperate though, and instead tossed the ball just over Lehmann’s fingertips.

Given the catlike display of leaping ability demonstrated by Lehmann in his attempt to catch the ball, it is not at all surprising that Stuttgart has been losing recently. Oliver Miller had a better vertical ability.

Well, he did expect the ballboy to just hand him the ball rather than throwing it past him. After the match, a livid Lehmann said, “What kind of culture is this? I wonder if people want to see these scenes. By faking injuries and pulling stunts like those, Hannover wasted 10 minutes. I find it awful that ballboys are being taught to cheat.”

It’s an outrage! Of course, Jens Lehmann once tossed an opponent’s shoe on top of his net, so he’s hardly the most respected voice when it comes to being critical of people cheating.

Jens Lehmann aims ire at Hannover ballboy after Stuttgart hit ‘rock bottom’ [The Guardian]

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