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Idaho junior hockey team in trouble for playing strip hockey

idaho-junior-steelheadsLast week, the Tampa Bay Lightning had some fun at practice and played strip hockey. Players were forced to remove an item of equipment if they did not score in a shootout.

While the Lightning haven’t inspired many through their gameplay so far this season, their stripping antics did influence the Idaho Junior Steelheads, who held a strip hockey shootout of their own last Wednesday in Boise.

Unfortunately for the Steelheads, not everyone was amused by their on-ice exposure. A parent whose daughter was ice skating on a nearby rink saw the 17- to 20-year-old players taking off their clothes and called a hotline. Yes, Boise apparently has a “young hockey players are stripping” hotline. Graham James has it on speed-dial.

The team has been banned from the practice facility for one week, while one player who stripped completely to moon a teammate has seen additional punishment.

“His behavior didn’t live up to our player code of conduct,” said Steelheads owner John Olver.

There is also an investigation underway to see if public decency laws were violated. Boise does not allow residents to bare their buttocks in public, with exemptions for the arts. For a state called “Idaho”, they’re really quite prudish.

Idaho junior hockey team punished for ‘strip hockey’ [Idaho Statesman]

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