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Paul Gascoigne Headbutts A Bouncer At A Snooker Club: Video

Paul Gascoigne’s post-playing career has been fraught with negative incidents. The latest encounter occurred this month after Gazza was caught smoking at a snooker club called the Spot White in Newcastle. The bouncer, Paul Hindle, who had already stopped Gascoigne from smoking once, had had enough and ejected the former soccer star.

Gazza took offense to this red card and headbutted the bouncer, who happened to be a former soldier who had been in Iraq. He said, “I survived Basra without a scratch, then come home to Newcastle and get beaten up by Gazza. I couldn’t believe it. It hurt like hell – I had a headache for a day.”

Hindle decided not to press charges, and it looks like this incident will go no further, aside from being yet another black mark on Gascoigne’s resume. When your Wikipedia page contains an entire section with a long list of arrests and hospitalizations, you have not done well for yourself.

In all honesty, it’s a wonder that he’s even alive at this point. Between all of the drinking and related health problems, plus attacking a former soldier in a bar, Paul Gascoigne has certainly tempted fate.

Video: Gazza headbutts a snooker club bouncer [Off The Post]

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