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Des Moines Marathon Delayed By Wayward Train

marathon-trainThe annual Des Moines Marathon took place over the weekend, but with a new twist in marathon running. The two men who were leading the race, Simon Sawe and David Tuwei of Kenya, made the final turn, only to find that their path was blocked by a freight train.

Sawe had led Tuwei by ten seconds at that point, but then saw his lead evaporate as the two men had to stand and wait for nearly a minute before the train passed. Sawe still won, but not before having to endure an intense sprint to the finish.

So who screwed up here? Blame the Iowa Interstate Railroad, who had been e-mailed all of the details of the marathon by the race organizers and who had said their trains wouldn’t be a problem for the marathon.

The giant train clearly says otherwise. But hey, at least all of the hobos on board helped boost the spectator count.

Des Moines Marathon: Train turns men’s race into all-out sprint [Des Moines Register]

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