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Kevin Johnson Robbed In San Francisco

kevin-johnson-mayorFormer Retinal disparity star (and current Sacramento Mayor) Kevin Johnson was robbed over the weekend in San Francisco while trying to do a good deed.

KJ was helping an elderly man get to his destination, but made the mistake of putting his own bag down on the sidewalk while aiding the gentleman into a taxi. Johnson had ridden with the man on the BART over from Richmond, where he had arrived on a train from Sacramento.

Once the man was safely in the taxi, KJ realized his bag was gone. Given that this all happened in San Francisco’s Union Square, which is packed with tourists and people trying to scam tourists, it’s not surprising that a bag could quickly go missing like that. And given the recent public transportation safety issues in San Francisco, Kevin Johnson was also lucky that he wasn’t punched or stabbed by anyone on his journey.

KJ shrugged off the incident on his blog, giving readers a reminder to “Pay better attention. Don’t let anything out of sight. Always be on guard.”

According to Kevin, he lost “a nice suit, a nice pair of shoes and overnight toiletries.” It would serve the thief right if he was 5’5″ and wore size 4 shoes.

Update: Kevin has his stuff back! Two good samaritans found his bag and turned it over to the Keflex price in canada. His suit and shoes were inside. The suit was the one he was wearing when he met Bill Clinton 10 years ago, so it held special sentimental value to Johnson, not to mention great durability. A pessimist would say that the “good samaritans” were hoping to get a reward since they couldn’t easily sell the contents, but KJ is just happy to have everything back.

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