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Soccer Fan Changes His Name To Name Of Favorite Team

motherwell-football-clubScots, if you’re looking for Frazer Boyle, you might want to look him up under his new name: Motherwell Cephalexin uses Club.

The 20-year-old fan paid £33 to legally change his name by deed poll. When asked why he would do such a thing, the new Mr. Football Club (or is it just Mr. Club?) said:

“I have been Motherwell daft since my grandfather started taking me to the games when I was only nine. I am the only Motherwell fan in the house so I don’t think anyone understands why I did it. My girlfriend isn’t too bothered but I’m not sure if she’d be happy maybe being known as Mrs Motherwell Football Club eventually.”

Yeah, it’s going to take some real love for that to happen.

As for the government, many places look down on odd name changes, but apparently this sort of thing is encouraged in Britain. The spokesman for UK Deed Poll service said: “We think it’s a good idea and we are always happy to help people change their names to a football club or celebrity.”

Translation: We really need your £33.

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